Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colour me a miracle!

We had our appointment with Professor Rein and it could not have gone better.  It was nothing short of a miracle.  The PFO completely opened on its own!  As well, everything else in the heart has developed and progressed nicely.  He encouraged us to go ahead with the pregnancy and that is exactly what we are doing!

My prayer to G-d, all along has been: "Please G-d, let this baby live.  Let this baby be a source of praise for You."

Genetic Tests- Clean!

The rest of the genetic tests came back clean.  There is no other abnormality to worry about, and as well, they said that there is no genetic reasoning for the HLHS diagnosis.  We weren't expecting them to find one, as there is no conclusive evidence to support any reason for HLHS. 

Today is our appointment with Professor Rein.  This is THE appointment- where they check if there really is an obstruction in the PFO.  This is the final deciding factor.  We've already decided that if this comes out okay, then we are going ahead with the pregnancy. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Results coming in...

I went for the amniocynthesis on Sunday.  Mildly traumatic is how I would describe it.  The past few days I've been on bed rest.  Our genetic counselor called and we got the first round of results back.  The baby does not have Down's Syndrome nor any other neurological disorder associated with chromosomes 13 and 18.  We should expect to get the rest of the results in 2 weeks.