How Can You Help?

We hope and pray that this journey is a long and successful one.  More than anything, we need love and support, as G-d willing, our daughter fights her way through all the medical procedures and surgeries that lay ahead of her.  There will be people organizing meals for us, once we are out of the hospital.  Please feel free to be in touch with them, if you would like to join in.

One of the organizations that helped us through this difficult diagnosis is called Sisters by Heart.  They are an organization of women, Heart Moms, who have volunteered their time and energy to help fellow parents, like us, by providing support and information.  One of the greatest things that they do, is send a care package free of charge to expectant parents of HLHS babies, full of things that they will need in the NICU.  We received a package from them and will be using it on our journey.

Please click on the link below and read up more on the wonderful work that they do.  You can also donate to their cause.

Sisters by Heart


  1. Poor tehilla... Refuah shelaima. Keep strong all of you.

  2. Im mamish crying when i see yur litle angel. what is her name to pray for??????? please only good news and completely strong lion health for tehila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!