Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Croup Fun

Last night, as we tucked ourselves into our beds, we heard the distinct and familiar sound of a barking croup cough. We scrambled to Tehilla's room and found her sitting up in bed.

"Hi, Momma!"
"Hi, Lu."
"I'm coughing. A lot."
"Yes, I hear you coughing."
"I'm sick...and sweet."

We gave her a dose of ventolin to open her airways and opened her window to let the cold air in and help her breath.

We prepared for a rough night, but she actually slept fine after that. This morning, she woke up barking again, so we went to the doctor and unfortunately got a doctor we don't love. He heard her strydor but felt she was okay and agreed with how we handled it. Only a little bit of advocating was necessary as we discussed what to do if she was struggling to breath, which came down to running to the ER for oxygen and steroids.

She seems to be doing well, so I don't think we will end up with anything like that.

Tehilla very nicely asked the doctor for a sticker. I was impressed with that as it seems she has really gotten over the trauma of her surgery.

Other than that, Tehilla has been methodically coloring our possessions and the members of our family pink. She enjoys sneaking up on us and quickly scribbling on our limbs. We have not located her stash of markers.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Steady and Wonderful

Things with Tehilla have been going wonderfully. Actually over the top amazing. You see, Tehilla has developed a little cold. And that's it- it's just a cold
She is not pale or blue. She isn't admitted to the hospital or in need of oxygen.

She is holding her own for the first time ever. For the first time, a little respiratory infection is not life threatening.  That is how wonderful she is doing.

She is very happy at school and, as you can see from the picture, her hair has grown just enough for her teachers to put a little itty-bitty pony tail in her hair. This has provided her endless amounts of joy and happiness on her quest to being a pretty princess.

But don't be fooled by that sweet face. This past week, a kid bit Tehilla at school. She needed to see the doctor, as the bite tore through her skin. In the end, she is fine and she needs rigorous antibiotic cream to avoid strong oral antibiotics.

When I spoke to Tehilla about the incident,  I explained to her that when someone is hurting you, you push them off of you and go get help from the teacher. I said, "So, if someone hurts you, what do you do?"

"Smack him!!!" was her response. As you can see, no need to worry about that little one.  She is feisty through and through.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Tehilla has been doing really well. School is going nicely for her.  All the kids have been adjusting very nicely to their new arrangements and schedules. Thank G-d!

Today, Tehilla accessorized herself and looked so darn cute, that on our walk to school, people kept stopping to wish her "good morning" and one person even pulled over to remark about how cute she is.

We thank G-d every day for the miracle that brings smiles to our faces everyday.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Ima shel Shabbat Babushka

I thought that I wouldn't be posting again before Shabbat, but then Tehilla came home from school like this. I could not get over it.

My little Babushka!

Ima shel Shabbat Babushka

I thought that I wouldn't be posting again before Shabbat, but then Tehilla came home from school like this. I could not get over it.

My little Babushka!

Start of the School Year

September 1st came and with incredibly happy smiles we all sent our kids to school. Mechal started Grade 5, Tzviel started Grade 1 and Tehilla went back to the same private Gan (nursery).

At the end of last year, Ron and I made a decision with the help of Tehilla's wonderful teacher, not to put Tehilla in a municipality nursery, even though she is entitled to a medical shadow.

We felt that Tehilla is behind maturity wise, due to everything that she has been through.  At some point, she will catch up, but for now, being in a group of 35 kids was too much.

As well, Tehilla is still not toilet trained. And while she can understand Hebrew, she isn't speaking Hebrew.  All in all, we were happier with the decision to keep her in a private setting.

We are blessed that Mechal and Tzviel are transitioning very well. Par for the course, is explaining to their teachers our situation and how it impacts them especially when there is an unexpected sudden rush to the ER. So far, I have spoken to Tzviel's teacher, who immediately informed me that her nephew has a CHD and she is very aware of the strain it puts on the family. While it is awful that anyone should have to know of this, that looming 1 in 100 statistic marches on and thankfully for us, will provide a level of sensitivity that our family needs.

Today, Tehilla is Ima shel Shabbat in Gan!  She has brought muffins and carefully picked out her outfit.

Shabbat Shalom, dear blog family!