Friday, September 2, 2016

Start of the School Year

September 1st came and with incredibly happy smiles we all sent our kids to school. Mechal started Grade 5, Tzviel started Grade 1 and Tehilla went back to the same private Gan (nursery).

At the end of last year, Ron and I made a decision with the help of Tehilla's wonderful teacher, not to put Tehilla in a municipality nursery, even though she is entitled to a medical shadow.

We felt that Tehilla is behind maturity wise, due to everything that she has been through.  At some point, she will catch up, but for now, being in a group of 35 kids was too much.

As well, Tehilla is still not toilet trained. And while she can understand Hebrew, she isn't speaking Hebrew.  All in all, we were happier with the decision to keep her in a private setting.

We are blessed that Mechal and Tzviel are transitioning very well. Par for the course, is explaining to their teachers our situation and how it impacts them especially when there is an unexpected sudden rush to the ER. So far, I have spoken to Tzviel's teacher, who immediately informed me that her nephew has a CHD and she is very aware of the strain it puts on the family. While it is awful that anyone should have to know of this, that looming 1 in 100 statistic marches on and thankfully for us, will provide a level of sensitivity that our family needs.

Today, Tehilla is Ima shel Shabbat in Gan!  She has brought muffins and carefully picked out her outfit.

Shabbat Shalom, dear blog family!


  1. B"H! So hear such blessings! Gd is so good!

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