Saturday, January 30, 2016


Dear Blog Family,

My neighbor knocked on the door this evening. She had heard that there was a great need of prayers for Tehilla. She asked me to try to think of all of the miracles that we have seen G-d perform for Tehilla. I told her that it would be impossible to think about each one. Tehilla is a miracle. She asked me to thank G-d for each miracle. She said it would be most helpful to make a list and properly say thank you for each one. It sparked something inside me. So, I did:

1) Tehilla's birth
2) The doctor's knowledge to keep her alive until Day 3
3) Her Norwood Surgery on Day 3 of her life
4-21) Daily Miracles that led to her recovery from her Norwood Surgery and allowed her to be released at 24 days old.
22) In particular, her lungs opening up after they collapsed when she was two weeks old
23-31) 9 ER visits that she overcame
32-35) 3 heart catheters that she survived
36) Her BT Shunt Surgery done when Tehilla was 6 months old
37) Cardiac arrest during her second heart catheter. It took a total of 10 minutes to revive her to stability.
38) Tehilla's physical developmental milestones
39) Tehilla's verbal developmental milestones
40) Her Glenn Surgery done when Tehilla was 14 months old

If I wanted to break it down in reality, I should add another 76,262,634 miracles for every second that Tehilla has been alive.

G-d. Hashem. Thank you. Thank You for every second that You have given us with Tehilla. You have performed 76,262,634 miracles by allowing a little girl with half a heart to breath, play, sing, jump, walk, talk, heal, smile, hug, kiss and survive. Not just survive. Thrive!

The first step for Team Tehilla's Plan is really recognizing the ridiculous miracles that have happened. Our family (as in blog family) has been so blessed. G-d has performed miracles for our little Tehilla. I believe with all of my faith that He will perform many more. This last setback is just another opportunity for us to see miracles.


  1. wow, that is amazing...brought tears to my eyes. Praying for tehilla. Hashem can perform millions of more miracles and I pray that he will.