Monday, April 18, 2016

Let's hope

This morning Tehilla wouldn't stop crying. She ate a bit of breakfast and otherwise seemed okay, so we took her to school.

I was actually in the middle of writing how we have been busy with Pesach cleaning and preparations and that is why I haven't updated in awhile.

Then, I got a call from Tehilla's teacher. She hadn't stopped crying since I dropped her off, she wasn't eating or drinking and she looked blue.

I had the teacher measure her oxygen saturation and it was at 76. I quickly left where I was and ran to the school. On the way, I called our cardiac nurse and our doctor's office. The on-call doctor would see her immediately.

Tehilla was indeed purple and her color was off. The teacher said she had checked again and her saturation went down to 72. She was crying and wouldn't calm down. I checked and her saturation was 76 and heart rate at 146.

I (sped) drove to the doctor. He checked her and didn't find her breathing abnormal. He did find that she had an ear infection in one ear. He checked and her saturation was at 73 and her heart rate at 126.

While Tehilla occasionally desats when sick or when crying hysterically, her oxygen has never gone that low. The doctor is unsure if this is all from her ear infection. She was prescribed antibiotics and Otidin, an ear drop that instantly numbs the pain.

He told me to give her the prescriptions and if she stops crying immediately that's a good sign that it is her ear. Then to wait until she is calm and check her again. If her oxygen returns to normal, then this is all her ear and nothing more.

But if she doesn't calm down or her saturation does not go back up, then to go straight to the ER.

So far, she calmed down immediately. A good sign. Now,  I'm going to wait a bit and then measure. Hopefully, there is nothing else going on.

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