Saturday, October 29, 2016

Adapting to Normal

It took us a few days to wrap our heads around the outcome of our cardiology appointment. We have spent most of the past 3 years waiting for another surgery, or overly observing Tehilla's health and stability. We are amazed and truly dumbfounded by the greatest blessing of Tehilla's health.

I had to explain to her teacher the outcome. She had the happiest smile as I explained Tehilla's stability. Of course, there will always have to be a watchful eye and Tehilla still has mild bradycardia  (low heart rate), but she is doing exceptionally well. Her teacher said, "Wow. Okay. So, what now?" And I responded with, "Potty training?" We shared a meaningful smile knowing that our biggest hurdle right now, was getting this little heart warrior princess properly potty trained.


  1. Baruch HaShem Such a Blessing. To Him be the Glory!!

  2. Shana tova has so many great meanings in your case!!