Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beach Bum Fridays

Summer is here and that means we take every opportunity for family time- especially on the beach.

Once again, given the opportunity to be in our happy place, the place to me that cultivates all our milestones of stability and calmness. We were so blessed to spend Friday on the beach. Tehilla frolicked, skipped, ran away, built sand castles, buried Ron in sand, laughed and enjoyed.

It was a perfect day. We were just another carefree family soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful turquoise water. I wandered into the water and was reminded of all the times I've been there at different stages of our journey. All the times I've whispered prayers into the sea breeze, washed my tears away with the water, or held my baby in heart failure. But this time, it was only joy. Only prayers of thanks.

The only thing notable was how well Tehilla did in the heat. While she still overheats quicker than most, overall she is definitely getting stronger and handled the heat better than ever.

We thank G-d for every opportunity to enjoy family time and count our blessings. Thank G-d.


  1. What a joy to read about Tehilla's improving health. She will get stronger and stronger as she grows. I know, because my "heart" granddaughter is now 13-1/2 and it's a challenge to keep up with her. She was not supposed to live through her own birth, much less the subsequent heart surgeries. But now she plays baseball, is a cheerleader at her school, and is a dance instructor for younger children. Tehilla will excel at whatever she wants to do. These heart babies seem to have an extra dose of spunk. It's so good to see her eyes dancing with joy! May Hashem help her to go from strength to strength, achieving whatever mission He has planned for her life. And may your other two children and you and your husband reap great rewards for choosing LIFE!

  2. She always has a big smile to share with us.
    One thing is clear, she was born with a happy heart.