Monday, February 2, 2015

New Words

Thank G-d, Tehilla is doing well. She has been causing all kinds of adorably cute mischief at home. It's amazing how improved life is after the Glenn surgery.

In the past two days, Tehilla has tried to say a few new things. The first thing that she tried to say was "Whodiddat" or what we translated it as, "Who did that?"

Tonight, at dinner time she blew on her food and whispered, "It's hot!" We'll see if she actually repeats these little phrases.

Tehilla loves to "read" to herself. She often crawls or cruises into her room and pulls down a huge assortment of books from her shelf. She will then sit there, and go through each book slowly, turning the pages and sometimes babbling to herself.

Other than that, this little princess heart warrior is rocking her half a heart.

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