Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reoccurring Ear Infection and Proud Mama Moment

Last night, we went to see the on-call doctor. Tehilla's ear infection came back. She is starting Augmentin. Unfortunately this has been happening too much and the time has come to see an ENT. 

The past bunch of nights are a blur from Tehilla waking up. She would wake up in middle of night and out of desperation we would put her in bed with us. Her cute little body would lay down and she would rest for a bit. Then she would pop her head up and say, "Hi!"

"Hi. Go back to sleep.  It's sleepy time."

She would  lie down once again and then pop her head up, crawl over and kiss me on the lips. Then put her head down. Then pop up again and put her head down on my head.

"Tehilla... sleep. Please sleep." So she would again lie down. Once she stood up in bed and started giggling. " It's not time to play. Just sleep." Upon hearing the dreaded word "no" she would then burst into tears and have a whole long temper tantrum. 

Hopefully this antibiotic will help her.

On Shabbat, Mechal had some friends over. One of them noticed that Tehilla's shirt hung down and saw her scar. The girl gasped and said," Oh! What happened to her?" I answered the girl, " Mechal's sister has a special heart."

Mechal then added," My sister had 3 heart surgeries. That's her scar. "

The other girl freaked out and said, "Ewwww! That's gross! I don't want to hear anymore."

Mechal very calmly said, "It's not gross. Don't say that.  It's my sister's body. She was born with half a heart. It's amazing. "

My face hurt from the stupidest proudest smile I had on.

The girl just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh. Okay."

This journey has certainly changed all of us and I really couldn't be more proud of my kids.


  1. I just actually had tears. Your a super mum throughout this whole journey you also managed to instill amazing bonding between your kids! Your an inspiration!