Sunday, April 26, 2015

Speech Therapy Appointment

This morning, Tehilla had her first speech therapy appointment with Ilana. Ilana evaluated her and will continue the evaluation next week. So far, there have not been any serious red flags. She wants Tehilla to go for a thorough hearing test to rule out any hearing problems.

Tehilla loved the appointment and was happy to participate. Ilana is working on incorporating signing into enunciating sounds with an association of an action or request. Tehilla loved it and was very cooperative. I'm so happy that we took the initiative to start speech therapy with her. Tehilla immediately began to work with Ilana. We left with such a positive feeling.


  1. There might not have been SERIES red flags, but were there any SERIOUS ones?

    Don't you love it when you have an advanced degree in English, and someone who hasn't had a single English lesson in over 30 years corrects your grammar?

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