Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Tehilla had her evaluation from Hitpatchut Hayeled (Child Development Center) on Monday. She was assessed by her physical therapist, a speech therapist and a pediatrician. Tehilla was in a very cooperative and happy mood.

The physical therapist was thrilled with Tehilla's progress. She found Tehilla completely on track for her age in terms of her motor abilities and skills.

We discussed the struggle that Tehilla has when walking after a few minutes and her heavy breathing.  The physical therapist explained that this is Tehilla's disability. While her progress is great, her body can only do what her heart allows her to do.  There is nothing that they can do to help her with this.

The speech therapist did not speak English. She had me give directions or commands to Tehilla and watched how Tehilla responded. She found Tehilla to be advanced cognitively and developmentally.

She was impressed by Tehilla's speech and really could not see significant signs of Apraxia.  She felt that Tehilla's speech therapy sessions were such an early intervention that they helped her tremendously to the point that she does not believe Tehilla will continue to significantly struggle with her speech development.

The pediatrician observed the therapists testing Tehilla and then gave Tehilla a quick physical. Tehilla giggled while her reflexes were checked and cooperated completely.

Their findings were that she does not need a specialized daycare for speech development nor any medical specialized program. They were very excited that Tehilla was granted a medical shadow. They believe the best structure for Tehilla is to be fully integrated in a regular nursery but believe strongly that a medical shadow is necessary to keep an eye on Tehilla if she struggles physically.

Honestly, we couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. I have slight reservations about the speech therapist's assessment, only because she was testing in a language she couldn't speak. Regardless, Tehilla will continue with speech therapy which will only continue to help her.


  1. Mazel Tov! It is amazing with her low oxygenation that she has so few deficits. It is (as she is) a miracle! G-d willing her blood pressure will soon be controlled and within a year her third surgery may help her out of breath situation. She is still in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. What good news! I hope you are able to move through the bureaucracy needed to make her medical shadow a reality, and for her to start gan - I assume next school year. Decades ago my brother, and nearly one decade ago my son started gan without knowing a word of Hebrew. The first year they didn't really speak, and then the second year, all that immersion and silent observation exploded in lots of new language use. And each child is different, but I think it will be an incredible experience for someone as curious and intelligent and driven as Tehilla. Blessings to all of you!

  3. gan safa starts in pre k.......and applications are from the december ( i think) you really have time to see where tehila is at before you decide about gan safa.but what a great evaluation!