Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to Scare a Heart Mom

This story starts at 4:25 am, this morning. Early, no? Well, Tehilla didn't think so. She woke up and started crying. Between sobs she screamed, "Me up. Me up!!! Me no nap! Mama! Abba! Up!" Sigh.

So I picked her up and after she insisted on her "Banket (blanket)! Pink. Lellow. Soft banket!" I brought her to our room. She lied down and said, "Barney!". Fine. I put Barney on for her on my phone and passed it to her. A few minutes later, I felt the ever so gentle slam of my phone hitting my eye socket. "No Barney! Pig! Pig! Pig!" I said, "Do you want to watch Peppa Pig?" She giggled and said yes. Apparently she also had a preference as to which episode of Peppa Pig and about 5 minutes later she had to watch Elmo. Not just any Elmo- the ball episode! This continued until 6:00 am at which point, everyone in the family has to get up to start getting ready for school and work.

Tehilla spent the rest of her morning helping me straighten up and then playing. At around 10:30 am, Tehilla's stomach was hurting her. I picked her up and rubbed her back and tummy. She wanted to be put down and to sit on the couch in the playroom. So I put her down and she calmed down a bit. I then went back to working.

About 10 minutes later, while absorbed in my work, I realized that it was too quiet and that I hadn't heard any noise at all from the playroom. I jumped up and ran into the playroom.

My heart completely stopped and the air became thick, as I saw Tehilla lying face first LOOKING lifeless. I ran over to her and turned her over. Her color was fine, she was no more purple than usual. Then I noticed that she was breathing. Steadily and completely fine. Her pulse was good.

That was when it dawned on me that she was sleeping. Very deeply. She had been so overtired, that she had just keeled over, face first and fell asleep.

Whew! Just Tehilla, being a regular overtired two year old.