Sunday, May 22, 2016

All is great

Oy, blog family! I'm so sorry for my lack of updates. Life has been good busy- the usual business of getting three kids from point A to point B and then several other places on a daily basis.

Tehilla is doing great. She had a little sinus infection last week, but otherwise has been doing well.

She seems to have had a little growth spurt and is finally looking her proper age of 2.5 years old. Her hair is slowly starting to fill out. And her speech has been amazing! Her personality is shining through in all kinds of funny, sweet and sassy ways.

The other day, she was in an Ima-only mood.  She wanted me to take her out of her crib, dress her, and feed her.  When Ron tried to take her for breakfast, she yelled, "No Abba! I want Ima. You stay here. No go downstairs."

I asked her to help me pick something up and she said, "Okay, Chickenhead!"

She has also started planning her third birthday party, which is not for another 5 months. It has to be everything Hello Kitty. And pink.

Her limping has thank G-d cleared up completely and she is walking and running nicely.

She is also VERY VERY VERY ready to be toilet trained. We are not doing it until after her Fontan surgery in July. It would be completely counter productive. That will, with G-d's help, be a fun adventure for after she is home and fully back to herself post-op.

Other than that, she is really a sweet, loving, beautiful little toddler. On Shabbat, she took Mechal's brush and started brushing her hair.

Tehilla: I brushing my hair.
Me: Yes, that's great. It looks very nice.
Tehilla : My hair is pretty.
Me: You look beautiful, sweety.
Tehilla: I bootiful princess. I Princess Holly! (A character from a show she loves)

This past week, we had- no, survived- a horrible heat wave. It was very hard on everyone but especially Tehilla. I had completely forgotten how hard the heat is on her. I was thrilled to find her at school purposefully placed right in front of the air conditioning. 

Other then that, everyone is doing well. Mechal and Tzviel are both doing great.  They know nothing about the upcoming surgery and won't know until two weeks before. 

I will do my best to update later today with a picture of Tehilla.

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  1. Wonderful!
    Thanks for the update.
    I especially liked Tehilla calling you:chickenhead!!

    Where did she learn that?
    Hashem bless youall.