Thursday, May 5, 2016

Update 2- Leg Trouble

I WILL update this blog...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Over the holiday (which I have yet to talk about), we noticed that Tehilla was starting to favor her right foot. She was definitely limping. She also started to do this thing- whenever she was trying to push herself into a run, she forcefully was swinging her hips to propel forward.

We kept an eye on it, but it seemed to be getting worse. After Tehilla's first day back at school, on Sunday, her wonderful teacher mentioned that she was concerned with Tehilla's foot.

Monday morning, I took her to see the on-call doctor. She checked Tehilla thoroughly. Tehilla was not in any pain when the doctor pressed all areas of her legs. The doctor determined that Tehilla had a viral infection in the tissue in her foot. She told us to come back for x-rays if there wasn't a significant improvement in her limping.

So, this morning we went back, after no change. Tehilla had many x-rays done on her leg and everything came back clean. We saw our incredible family doctor and he agreed with the previous diagnosis of a viral infection. He said that it should get better by a week's time. Unless Tehilla develops a fever or a rash, we should just wait and see.

It seems that Tehilla is not in pain, so that's positive. Thank G-d.

Tomorrow, I will update some more about the holiday.