Thursday, November 24, 2016

Who Me?

Sorry for the suspense, but this deserved it's own blog post.

An organization has reached out to me and asked that I go on a speaking tour in the UK of universities and speak to their Jewish groups about our familly's journey.

The conversation went something like this:

Him: So, we feel that your story is super inspiring and really illustrates faith in trying times. Would you be interested in speaking on 5 or 6 university campuses about your story?

Me: Um, what?

I gave it some thought and had to really digest the idea. It's amazing. We never set out in any way for any of this to come about. We are just a normal, average family with a pretty miraculous daughter. I never could have believed that any of this would lead here.

But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that Tehilla's success is directly connected to her name. That people would hear about a little girl with half a heart and praise G-d. And that is what this blog has become and that is why I have said yes.

As well, the opportunity to raise more awareness about congenital heart defects is too great to pass up.

So, it's official. In February, I am flying to England for a week to go on a speaking tour!


  1. I've been following Tehilla's amazing life since you started this beautiful blog, davening and crying and laughing with you. My kids ask about her and see the pictures and daven when the need arises. We live in London and would love to provide you hospitality or any advice you need. My email address is

  2. I am delighted to see her doing so well. This is a miracle no doubt. And I Praise His Holy Name for such a miracle. I am absolutely overjoyed.