Monday, December 5, 2016

Disability Assessment

Until now, Tehilla has been listed as 100% disabled by Bituach Leumi (Social Security). This has given Tehilla different benefits which ease all of our lives and would greatly benefit her in the future. For the first time, someone somewhere decided that our lives were boring and it would be so much fun to call us in for a "va'adah" (assessment meeting).

When you spend all of your energy focusing your attention on the positive side, on just how wonderful a 3 year old, who has endured as much as Tehilla has, is doing: on her strengths and her miraculous feels pretty nasty to have to go into a meeting and describe how horrible your child is doing. You are asked to focus on all the ways in which your child, in fact, is lagging and not actually keeping up, all of her weaknesses and challenges. This big gray cloud of negativity just hung over Ron's and my head, as we sat and weeded out all of the key points that needed to be made on just how much Tehilla is not excelling.

Today was that meeting and I was very anxious about it. Well, not to fear, they only found possibly the most unfriendly pediatrician to do the assessment. They basically took Oscar the Grouch and just removed all of his feelings. Oh and made him late, so he was intensely impatient. Seriously. Is that where they send doctors after their expiration date?

Well, I did my best, but he really frightened the Mama Bear out of me and it didn't help that Tehilla was hyper and super cute and jumping around. We get the results within the next month, so let's hope that Tehilla's paperwork speaks for itself.

Just another day in our heart journey.


  1. I've found that BL is exactly where they send the unfriendly drs. Been turned down once and to sick to deal with going through the process again. Good luck, praying for you.

  2. Re:"is that where they send doctors after they reach their expiration date?"
    That's what they do here in the States.
    I had an injury a couple of years ago when I dove into some concrete - or someone threw a 2 ton slab of concrete at my face.
    It was work related in that it happened at a location I was at for a work related event so I had to go through an L&I claim.
    After a fun ride in the back of an ambulance, the hospital stay I traded my vacation in for, extensive plastic surgery and recovery they wanted to see if I was healed so they could close my case. Sure, no problem!
    I went to the doctor of their choice.
    She was a "sweet little old lady"(I kid you not) a little hunched over and with gray hair. She was somewhat frail, wore a long, plaid, pleated skirt to her ankles, apologized for her arthritic hands and asked me to be patient with her, said something about people her age having to live with these things.......I was just worried I was intruding on her nap time.
    In all, she checked the strength in my arms and asked me to squeeze her hands.. ?? my face, hello??? are you going to look at the nasty Frankenstein scar on my face and ask about the pain I still feel, check my vision since it was an orbital floor fracture?? Nope, just see if I can pull back on her very frail little arms.. lol, poor thing (her, not me).
    For you, another hoop to jump through but from what you post, I know you're not going to let this get in your way. If the report doesn't come back with the right recommendations, be a Papa Bear, growl real fierce and fight it.

  3. I wish you good luck! Was also there Monday and had a grouch doing the vaada for me.

  4. I pray Ha Shem work everything for the good. That Tehilla continue to heal to full and complete health. That all her needs and yours will be met each and everyday.

  5. We got an answer on wed. Try calling them!