Sunday, December 11, 2016

Little Sickie

Sometimes, this is what a sick day looks like. It's not what a sick day used to look like. Nope. A sick day did not have pink tinged skin with rosy cheeks. It did not have beautifully pink hands...And it definitely did not involve being out and about and getting pink ice cream with sprinkles. Heck, we were lucky if we were out of the hospital.

Tehilla had strept last week and now has some kind of weird end of illnesses sickness. Tzviel had it last week (Yes, it's been a blast around here!), so we aren't overly concerned. And since I had some urgent work business, I had no choice but to take this little sickie along. She only threw 6 temper tantrums over pink sunglasses that she wanted, pink boots that didn't exhist, pink ice cream which I allowed because she deserved it, pink sunglasses again, pink sunglasses once more and I don't even know what the last temper tantrum was about.

These should only be my complaints. This is just a reminder of how blessed we truly are. G-d willing, this will pass in a few days. Thank G-d.

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