Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cardiology Check-up

Everyone take a big sigh of relief.

Everything is fine. Her oxygen saturation is a little low at 83 but everything looks good. Thank G-d.

The big question is whether we should close the fenestration (the remaining hole) in her heart via catheter. It will raise her oxygen saturation once it is closed. And give her more energy. We joked that Dr. Golander has to work better on his marketing angle. We told him he should have told us that it would make her sleep through the night or stop throwing temper tantrums.

Ultimately the decision was made to not do it in winter as she will have a harder recovery and adjustment if she gets many colds and coughs as she is bound to do.

So we are waiting until the spring. In 6 months we will come for another check-up. If her winter was not ridden with lung infections than she will have a catheter in the spring and close the fenestration.

No surprises, everything stable and good and room to make decisions based on preference- so honestly that couldn't have gone better.


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