Friday, November 24, 2017

Manchester and Leeds

Wednesday night, I spoke in Manchester and Thursday in Leeds.

There is always one or two interactions that always stay with me. This time it was Chaya in Manchester and Shira in Leeds.

After speaking, Chaya came up to me and let me know that as a med student, how much my words meant to her, that our story would always stay with her and she would never abuse her power as a doctor, like Dr. Big Nose.

Then there was Shira who is studying to be a medical clown and loved hearing about our interactions with medical clowns and how bringing a smile to a family stuck in the hospital can give the perfect relief to a hard situation and actually help recovery.

I'm brought in to speak to students to share our family's journey and inspire them. But it's situations like these that actually bring hope to me. Thank you, Genesis, for the wonderful experiences and all the good that you do!

And now, blog family, it's time to go home and spend Shabbat snuggling with my family!

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