Sunday, December 3, 2017


They all were miracles. All 4 of her open heart surgeries were miracles. Each in their own right. But there was something very different about that 3rd surgery, if you will all remember.

For those that were part of the blog family three years ago- you know that it wasn't just that the odds were against us. It wasn't just that open heart surgery has a challenging success rate. It was that she wasn't meant to survive.

Those were the days when our doctors eyes were brimmed with tears. Those were the days when we heard the crappiest words you can hear, medically speaking: "out of options" "no chance of survival"...

And those were the days that we turned to you. We had absolutely nothing left we could do and nowhere to turn. And you embraced us in the warmest hug a family could ever give. You cracked the heavens open with your prayers. You filled charity boxes. You baked challah en mass.

So, yes, I made up a word. Miracleversary. It's a great word. Tomorrow marks the day that a complete miracle happened here. "Nes Gadol Haya Poh". Today marks the day that you all showed up when you were asked to. You all stood by our side and loved the heck out of us and our daughter.

I love you, blog family.


  1. B"H! Amazing how people around the world have come together in mitzvot and tefillah for this child of G-d.