Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Barely Treading Water

So...I'm going to take this moment to take the biggest deep breath. *Ahhhh* That felt better.

It has actually been a month of everyone being sick, around the clock. As soon as one kid feels better, another is running a fever or finding a perfect opportunity to throw up on one of us. And then that day that everyone felt just right- that was when Chanukah vacation started.

When filling amoxicillin for four of us and augmentin for the fifth, the pharmacist sympathetically smiled and said, "Tough start to winter, huh?"

I know, I know- count your blessings. And I do. I'm just so tired. So so tired.

After that scare that Tehilla gave us, she kept improving and her oxygen saturation stayed exactly where it was supposed to. But then she got a cough that got worse and worse and worse. We tried a lot of different things to help relieve the cough, but nothing seemed to help. After hearing some stryder in her cough, I gave her one of Tzviel's puffers which immediately stopped the coughing until the morning. Two puffs and it was gone again.

Then her ear started hurting again. We went to see our doctor, who agreed that the puffer was the right move and checked her thoroughly. Turns out it was pain caused from pressure in her ear canal from a new cold starting. Joy to the *enter expletive* world.

Needless to say, Chanukah was celebrated with joy all eight nights and spent with family and friends. Tehilla is feeling well enough to sing every Chanukah song she knows from school over and over. And over and over.

With all the complaining aside, we are very blessed to have spent this wonderful holiday together. Every holiday that goes by, I'm reminded of what a true miracle it is that we are together and celebrating as a family. These moments can't be taken for granted and they are treasures that we all hold onto dearly.


  1. I am so happy Tehilla is doing better. I pray her health imroves more with each new day.

  2. I am glad Tehilla is ok Keep me up to date Please.