Tuesday, February 6, 2018

5 Weeks Worth of Updates

I apologize. I know you all love Tehilla dearly and love hearing about her updates. Gone are the days when I updated the blog daily, and even weekly. There has been a lot going on in our lives, not unrelated to Tehilla's Heart Journey, but a side-story, I guess you can call it. I'm preparing that update for all of you.

In the meantime, Tehilla is doing well. Very well. Not to jinx anything but she hasn't been sick for two weeks or so. Thank G-d.

She is going through a fabulous stage right now, where she is stomping her feet and insisting on creating a new sleeping arrangement every night in a different room or she somehow ends up in our bed. But you know- with one foot on my face, another foot in Ron's ribs. That kind of sleeping arrangement. She also NEEDED her room decorated with twinkle lights.

Now is the time of year, when parents are worriedly checking out different preschools and kindergarten programs. Tehilla's teacher asked to speak to me two weeks ago about Tehilla's progress. The teachers and assistants have all kept a close eye (sometimes too close and overly worried) on her and have been watching her progress. It seems Tehilla is behind in her development. This isn't unexpected, especially with all that she has gone through. We had assumed it was somewhere between a half a year and a year behind. The main teacher feels that Tehilla is a year behind in her social skills and fine motor skills.

I think the teacher expected me to be upset or put up a fight at the idea that my child might have some difficulties. I guess I haven't explained enough what we have been through. She has trouble coloring and cutting- no biggie! She needs a little assistance in drawing friends in- piece of cake! Ya see, she's kind of survived severe heart failure and other not so pleasant things. It changes your outlook as a parent. These things, we can overcome them.

The decision was made to hold her back a year, so that she remains with 4 year olds. The teacher has already been using her prominent role, to help us circumvent the municipality bureaucracy. We will also be putting her back in speech therapy and getting her occupational therapy.

Next update of our side story coming later this week...


  1. Something that I've discovered, having children in special-ed... Most Israelis have a "oh no, not MY child" attitude about their children's limitations. When I had Nati's first vaada masamah, I listened to the table of experts, nodding along as they explained their POV. When they were done, they all turned to me with an expectant look... and were SHOCKED when I said "I agree; do you need me to sign anything?"

  2. Why don't you send her to a gan safa?

  3. Tehilla's low oxygenation levels have probably caused a certain amount of brain damage. This isn't as horrible as it sounds -- but the way she will learn things and the speed of her learning may be different from "neuro-typical" children. The biggest thing will be to emotionally support her so that, as she gets older, she will see herself for the miracle she is -- and not get depressed over what she is not. . . .