Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hope. Question Mark.

We've decided to go for a second opinon.  The doctor we saw gave us a very one sided view.  He clearly was pushing for us to terminate and when we asked any questions regarding a possible positive outcome, he was hesitant to say anything and we felt that we were prying the information out of him.  He also couldn't answer our questions properly.

We are going on Tuesday, the same day as the genetic counseling, to see Dr. Rein.  I've written down a list of questions for him. 

Here is a link to videos on youtube that are put out by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  They are considered one of the best hospitals for congenital heart defects.  These videos very clearly describe HLHS, as well as the surgeries that would be needed if we go ahead with this pregnancy.  They are also so much more positive, then the information that was provided.  It was a factor in deciding to go for a second opinion.

6 short videos about HLHS

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