Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our appointments and plan

I just updated the Heart Mamas group, so I will just copy and paste what I wrote there.  In short: good day with good doctors.  It's amazing the difference in medical advice when you have a good doctor.

Here's an update, for those that have been keeping up with us: We went for 2 appointments yesterday. One was to a genetic counselor and one was for a second opinion for HLHS found in the baby. I am now 21 weeks. 
The first appointment with the genetic counselor was really nice. They are sending us for an amniocentesis to rule out any other genetic problems that could effect the outcome of this baby. We will get all of the results in about 3 weeks.
 The second appointment with the pediatric cardiologist was incredible. We saw Professor Rein, the head of pediatric cardiology at Hadassah Ein Kerem. He was such a wonderful doctor, warm, compassionate, patient and positive. He never once mentioned termination or quality of life. He felt very positive about going through with the surgeries. However, the imaging wasn't clear but it looked like there was an obstruction in the PFO. In 3-4 weeks time, I am going to see him in the hospital and they will do another echo to see if there are fluids passing through the PFO or if there is really an obstruction. If there is an obstruction, he explained to us that there is little that can be done and we wouldn't be able to make it to the surgeries. However, if this isn't an obstruction, he felt that there was no reason not to go ahead with surgeries and felt that we should expect a good outcome. He also told us about Dr. Erez, (I heard about him from a number of you) that moved from Texas and is considered to be an incredible surgeon in dealing with HLHS. So, while we're worried about this obstruction, it was a very positive appointment. It was very informative and he stayed and answered every single question that we had. He was truly wonderful. Keep us in your prayers!

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