Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ears Again

The past three days, Tehilla hasn't felt well. I assumed it was her (non-existent) teeth again. Yesterday, she started getting a cold. But today, she developed a fever. She hasn't been eating today and has been very sleepy. When not in and out of sleep, she has been screaming.  She started pulling on her hair and ear.

We went to see the doctor. Our regular doctor is away, so they brought in a replacement doctor. He happens to have been our family doctor from awhile ago. Someone we absolutely adored and were really saddened when he retired. We'll refer to him as Dr. Wonderful.

Well, as soon as Dr. Wonderful scanned Tehilla's card and saw HLHS listed, he sat up and asked all the right questions. He remarked incredulously, "And look at that, none of this has set her development back. She is incredible. Baruch Hashem (Blessed is G-d)." He wanted to hear about the diagnosis and pregnancy.  When I explained to him the journey thus far and told him that we made a choice to give her a chance at life, he brought tears to my eyes when he said, "You made the right choice. Just look at her. You did right by her. Thank G-d."

He then checked her and she has an ear infection. She is absolutely miserable. Along with antibiotics, she is getting a lot of TLC and Elmo.

For Dr. Wonderful this must have been a remarkable experience.  When he first became a doctor, there were no surgeries for HLHS.  And now, to see Tehilla "growing and thriving"...it made him emotional. 

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