Sunday, March 8, 2015

MMRV Celebration!

She finally got her MMRV shot! I'm so happy, I feel like throwing a party.  It's such a relief that we finally were able to get them.

Today, she is still weighing 9.700 kg but height-wise she is complete off the chart. She is way too short. Hopefully she will have a growth spurt. This is common amongst HLHS kids and is often discussed in my heart mamas group. 

Cognitively, Tehilla is off the charts in a good way. She put on quite a show for the  nurse.  The nurse was so impressed with how advanced Tehilla was. Tehilla talked and played and built block towers. She even walked around a bit. 

We go back in 3 weeks to get her DTap and Hepatitis and Prevanol shots.  She is almost all caught up!

Here's a picture of her playing ball and amusing the waiting room.  

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