Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog post.

When I was pregnant with Tehilla, and was learning and researching HLHS, I was frequently told how difficult and anxiety filled interstage life would be. I was always reminded that life after the Glenn surgery would be calmer, easier, healthier and a lot closer to normal. 

Usually interstage is only 4-6 months. It's difficult and trying but you power through. Tehilla's interstage was 14 months long. It was an extremely long time to live in such an unsettling manner and with such high stakes.

We are now 3 months post-Glenn.  Life is drastically different.  Tehilla's health is great and she is just a chubby ball of giggles and curiosity.  We are incredibly blessed to have such normal days with our little miracle. Tehilla is doing so well these days, you probably won't believe me when I tell you, that most days I have completely forgotten how much her life hung in the balance. Some days, the only thing that reminds me that she has any history of problematic health, is the alarm to give her medications twice a day.

Today, I took a step back and was in complete awe of G-d and how completely routine and normal our days have been. I know we still have bumps ahead in our future, but right now is such a beautiful time for us. 

Tehilla is walking all over the place. She started dancing to music. I'll try to get a video of that. She is trying to say new words and is eager to be taught new things. She is mischievous and silly. And always smiling.  Well, except when she doesn't get her way. Then she shrieks,  but quickly goes back to smiling.

Thank You, G-d. You have brought us normalcy and it feels like the greatest gift of all.

In the picture, Tehilla is showing you where her tummy is.


  1. BH Great news,I too consider myself a chubby ball of giggles and curiosity.

  2. She is such a sweet little gift from G-d. You and your family deserve this time. . . even with the sleepless nights!

  3. Could not be happier! What a credit to her name! Thank G-d!!