Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Never Dull

I had fully intended on writing a post on Sunday, about how amazing Tehilla's speech therapy appointment went. I wanted to tell you all about how Tehilla is signing for three things and has started saying "more" and "ish" for fish and "oes" for toes. I would have tried to capture it on camera and posted it and told you about how much Tehilla adores Ilana, her speech therapist.

Instead, we spent the evening in Terem, an emergency medical center. Mechal was lightly hit by a car. She had been crossing the street, following closely behind Ron. The car swerved to avoid her, but hit her.

I realized that our family is no stranger to miracles. Tehilla is 19 months old and has survived three heart surgeries and has been beating the odds despite having half a heart. I get that. Most days, her miraculous life carries on in the most normal, yet naughty and rambunctious ways, and we have to remind ourselves of her story and praise G-d.

Mechal was examined and had x-rays done. Her doctor suspects that she has a hairline fracture in her elbow. I cannot even begin to explain how grateful we are to G-d that that is the extent of her injuries. She was able to return to school today.

We are truly blessed and not taking that for granted. On Thursday morning, Mechal will be reciting the blessing "HaGomel" in front of shul. It is a blessing that is said when someone has been saved from a life-threatening situation. They make a public proclamation of gratitude to G-d. 

Here is my public proclamation: Thank You, G-d, for my three children. For their lives, health and well-being. For their beautiful smiles and their sweet personalities. For the sunshine that they bring into our lives, but also for sleepless nights. Thank You for the challenges, that help us to appreciate and test our strength. Thank You for the gentle and not so gentle reminders to rake in our focus on the important things in life. Thank You.

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  1. B"H! What a miracle! May she have a complete refuah shlema!