Friday, May 15, 2015

Shabbat Shalom

I thought I would post another happy post from our little heart home. We are all doing well. Mechal has completely recovered from her car accident two weeks ago. Much to her disappointment, she can once again do her homework.

Tehilla is doing well. She has learned to combine signs together, such as "more drink" or "give me more". She even combined three signs together. These are very positive advancements that are really helping us all to be less frustrated and to be able to communicate.  I will try to take a video next week of Tehilla signing.

Tzviel is still his same funny and awesome self.

Enjoy the picture of Tehilla face planting herself into a muffin. (Check out those rosy cheeks and normal colored nails!)

Shabbat Shalom, blog family. Thank G-d for happy and normal posts!

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