Monday, May 18, 2015

Procedure Not Happening

So...After a long 3 hours of waiting to see the doctor, Tehilla is not having the procedure.

I'm going to preface my explanation by saying: I would never want Tehilla or any of my kids to have unnecessary surgery.

The doctor checked Tehilla and explained that the upper lip is not used as much for speech. He checked Tehilla's dexterity and saw that it was good. He watched her talk and play and saw that her movement was limited. He felt strongly that it was unlikely that it would cause any problems with the clarity of her speech in the future.

He did say that such a lip tie could cause problems with her adult teeth growing in and leaving a significant gap. However, since her baby teeth grew in with almost no gap, he thinks it's unlikely.

I argued with him because I felt that we are working so hard on Tehilla speaking and to leave even a slight chance that in the end she would not talk clearly, seems ridiculous. It would be very hard to reverse unclear speech in the future once she is already talking.

He argued back that he wouldn't do this "surgery" on his daughter or son. I kinda chuckled and said, "This is a teeny tiny itty bitty procedure."

The doctor was not swayed and stands strongly in his opinion that Tehilla will have clear speech and not have a huge gap in her front teeth. He is the head of the department, so I have no choice but to put my faith in his expertise and hope that he is right. I still wish he had just cut the lip tie.

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