Monday, June 8, 2015

Being A Normal Toddler

Tehilla is thank G-d, doing well.  She is making nice progress in speech therapy. She does something very cute. Ilana prompts her mouth and face, to show her how to make sounds. So Tehilla immitates her and prompts herself while making the sounds. I'll try to get a video of her doing it next week. We are still waiting for approval to move to three sessions a week.

Next week, we have our follow up appointment at physical therapy. Tehilla is now walking very steadily and running as fast as her little feet can take her- which thankfully is not that fast! She demands to walk wherever we go, and often tries to scoot off. She does not get out of breath anymore and can handle a slight uphill walk. We are waiting to get the green light from her physical therapist that she has corrected her walking, in order to buy her first pair of shoes.

Other than that, she is an active and very silly toddler. She loves playing with her doll stroller and a dollhouse. She plays in the toy kitchen and brings us cups to take pretend sips out of. She also loves to wrestle Tzviel, and pull Mechal's hair. She loves to knock over anything that Mechal and Tzviel have worked hard to build, and steal Mechal's headbands right out of her hair and stick it on her own head. Thankfully, she always gives them a very naughty mischievous smile, like the one in the picture below, and they find her so cute, they usually just chase her and tickle her.

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