Saturday, June 27, 2015


We ran to the doctor early Friday afternoon.  Tehilla had a fever with a cough and was pulling on her ear. We were supposed to see the doctor on call but when our regular doctor finished all of his appointments and saw us sitting in the waiting room, he told the secretary that he would see us. Even though his family was waiting in the waiting room to go home. Dr. S is a one of a kind doctor and we just adore him and the quality of care he gives us.

What's more important is that when he said to Tehilla, "Okay, Gorgeous. Let's go. It's your turn." She slid off the chair and ran directly into his office. I handed her the health card which she handed to him with a giant smile. 

He checked her thoroughly and determined that she has a sinus infection. He prescribed her medicine and she is already much better. 

Here's to a good week for all, blog family!

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  1. Hi Shoshana,
    I was wondering if the site for little lev is working? I just saw an Israeli woman asking about HLHS in an online forum- she did her skira mukdemet and meucheret and doctors are reccomending she terminate the pregnancy. I would love to send her information to the site but for some reason when I try going to I get an error. Would hate to give her the wrong information... Thanks in advance!