Monday, August 3, 2015

Enough is Enough

We had enough of Clonidine and Tehilla's reaction to it. She had been on a third of the dose for nearly two weeks at only twice a day, as opposed to four times a day, and was irritable and cranky. Nearly anything we asked her or was offered to her was met with whining and shrieking. So, we stopped the medication. I messaged our cardiac nurse, Yifat, and told her that we were done with the medication. She called our cardiologist and he agreed with our decision. He is now considering which other medication to start Tehilla on.

In the mean time, Tehilla has been making huge progress with speech therapy. Ilana has worked with her on key words needed for basic needs, such as: yes, no, up, in, off, on, out, boom, more, uh oh...etc. Tehilla is now nearly exclusively using these words and has even started to try to say words on her own. She is doing very well.

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  1. Great Job Tehilla! keep up the good work with all your speech practice!