Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Talking and Singing

On Friday, we went to Palmachim Beach with some of our dearest friends. We all had a wonderful time. I wish I had taken pictures, but I completely forgot to. In any event, Tehilla was terrified of the water again. In fact, she didn't even like it when I held her and walked to the water's edge and got my feet wet. We tried several times, but she was freaking out. However, she was completely content to throw sand on everyone and everything. We brought back the sandiest toddler.

I managed to record two videos of Tehilla talking and singing from yesterday and today. Tehilla is now trying very hard to imitate words and if we slow down and show her how to say things, she has been pretty successful in imitating a lot of words. She is also using the words she knows constantly and trying to put two words together, like "no more". It's great to see her making progress like this!

Enjoy the videos!

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