Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Everything is Fine- Moving Day

I did not intend to worry anyone with the lack of blogging. Everything is fine. We are all healthy and well and Tehilla couldn't be cuter or naughtier.

Tomorrow, we are moving to our new home, just a street over, in the same neighborhood. It is very exciting and very busy. Tehilla has enjoyed unpacking boxes that we did not manage to tape closed fast enough and running away with the tape and markers. But she's sweet and silly and doing fantastic. She is pushing herself to say more words like "door, bye, and orange." 

Once we are settled in, I will post some pictures of Tehilla in her new room.

Israel is experiencing a terrible desert sandstorm. Our skies are orange and sand has been floating around for two days. We have made sure to keep Tehilla indoors as much as we can and have our windows shut constantly.

1 comment:

  1. tehilla is still in our daily tefillos, and we love to hear how she is doing.

    much hatzlocha on your move and shana tova u'metuka.