Monday, February 8, 2016

Challah for Tehilla

Tehilla's heart catheter is set for March 28th. We will be going to the hospital the day before to check in, do blood work, have Tehilla examined and any other pre-catheter work up.

This blog has supported us and embraced us during the most difficult points in Tehilla's 2 years and 5 months. You all have shown us love and any time that we has asked for anything, you have risen to the occasion.

Before Tehilla's previous surgery, her Glenn, I asked for people to bake challah with us. I said it before and I will say it again. I personally find baking challah bread to be a very spiritual experience. It is a task that gives me a lot of time to think. When I am mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough, my mind wanders to the various women throughout the world, in all cultures and throughout history, that have performed this task. My mind wanders to prayers they may whisper while doing hafrashat challah (separating the dough). It gives me a feeling of connection and community.

Bread is the most basic staple food. Yet, when we bless it and do this mitzvah of hafrashat challah, we are infusing spirituality into this food. We are transforming it to be something above the natural world.

Our little sweet Tehilla is a miracle. She has proven to us time and time again how strong she is. G-d has shown us the most incredible miracles through Tehilla.

There was a point during Tehilla's last surgery- a critical point. They were starting to reconstruct Tehilla's heart and move forward with the Glenn. Those that know me personally, know that I don't really toy with esoteric concepts too much. So believe me when I tell you, that during that critical point in Tehilla's surgery, the hospital became overwhelmed with a smell of challah. It was strange and wild and ridiculously meaningful. Our nurse and surgeon's secretary commented that we were smelling the challah bread that people had been baking all over the world with Tehilla in mind. 

We are 7 weeks away from a very crucial heart catheter. All I can think about is that challah bread. So, now I'm going to ask my blog family, if we can once again perform this mitzvah in Tehilla's merit of a safe catheter that provides answers and solutions to moving Tehilla towards her eventual Fontan surgery.

I'd like to ask people in communities to organize challah bakes. We get asked a lot how people can help. This is how you can help. Organize or partake in challah bakes in your homes. Send us pictures of your challah bakes! Our family would love to see them, and I will share them with the blog. If you are organizing a challah bake, please email me and let me know so I can help people find challah bakes.

Later, I will post my recipe for challah and instructions on how to perform the mitzvah of hafrashat challah.

Here is a picture of Tehilla in all her cuteness.

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