Saturday, February 20, 2016

Toddler Naughtiness

Being in the ER is a different experience with a toddler. Tehilla is being naughty and funny. She removed her pulse ox sensor a few times and puts it back on trying to hide what she's done. She doesn't understand that when the pulse ox reads 96, we know it's not on and it has to be taped down again- with more and more tape.

They might have actually put enough tape on now. Because she can't get it off. So she says, "Mama, this off. Finger hurts. Go home now."

She now doesn't like nurse who took her blood and any time he approaches she starts to shriek. Poor guy. She also yelled at him, "No no no!"

We are waiting for test results and they want to speak to a cardiologist. Her oxygen saturation keeps jumping between 78- 82.

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