Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Off to School!

Tehilla went off for her first day of school! Neither of us cried. I actually am completely calm, and feel confident in Tehilla's teacher, Betty.

To clarify, Tehilla does not have a medical shadow with her. She would only get it for a municipality daycare. The private daycare that she is in has 16 kids and 3 staff members. Her daycare is Hebrew speaking. I always had a suspicion that Tehilla understands some Hebrew, from hearing it all around. Her teacher spoke to her in Hebrew with gestures and she really seemed to understand. For now, Tehilla is only there until 12:30 pm. After she adjusts to the school, we will move her to a full day.

Part and parcel of our heart journey was sending Tehilla with diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a sippy cup and a pulse ox. I showed Betty how to use it and told her it would only be in an emergency situation.


  1. Im happy ur not crying but i sure am! Its amazing to see how strong her heart mama is! You are doing a great job and Tehilla is very lucky!!! Keep up the good work and stay strong! Were very proud of you!!!

  2. Hi,Ho! Hi,Ho!
    Its off to school i go...:)

    Hashem bless you Tehila,darling.


  3. hope she had a fun day! and its wonderful you were so calm.
    may her school days go smoothly!