Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Part 9: Homecare and Homeschool

Tzviel was at home with a homeschooling schedule for all his classes and a government appointed teacher that came twice a week to help him. He could now breath easier and everyone could work on helping his anxiety.

After taking a break from the first medication, Tzviel's parents held their breath with the second medication. They watched nervously waiting for the worst to happen. But it didn't.

Tzviel's new medication gradually started to show clear signs of helping. A lot of exercise was added into his schedule to help him break down his anxiety. Tzviel's parents were completely astonished by how much his anxiety was reducing and how much he was able to handle things. He was sleeping better and functioning beautifully. He was able to work through his anxiety using the CBT methods he had learned and started to open up in some of the most unexpected ways.

Tzviel's parents called a meeting at the school with the principal, his homeroom teacher and the guidance counselor. They came armed to that meeting with letters from all of Tzviel's past and present doctors and therapists. They also brought along their CBT therapist.

Tzviel's parents once again detailed his medical history, this time with signed and stamped letters proving a medical team was in place, detailing everything they had already explained. Tzviel's therapist explained in detail how anxiety in children appears and the behaviors they were seeing.

The guidance counselor insisted repeatedly that Tzviel not be on medication, insinuated that there was some other underlying cause for his behavior and demanded acknowledgment for her own masters degree. Tzviel's therapist repeatedly explained the necessity of his medications and of the extensive work she had done with the whole family.

Finally, the principal interrupted and said, "It is not our job to diagnose him. These letters show that there are doctors in place to do that. We will take our cues from Tzviel's parents of how to progress and we wish him only well and a full recovery soon."

After six weeks of homecare and homeschooling, Tzviel went for a follow-up appointment with his psychiatrist. The doctor asked him, "Tzviel, your mother and I have been speaking frequently and she has been telling me of all the progress you're making at home and so many great things. I want to hear from you. How do you feel?"

Tzviel said, "Can I ask you something? Can I go back to school?"

His psychiatrist smiled big and said, "I'm very pleased that you are asking that. Yes, let's start small and start getting back to school."


  1. So glad the principal finally stepped in....

  2. Round of applause for a principal that finally advocated for the student and not the staff!
    And a millions rounds of applause for you not backing down!

  3. I am so glad the principal had the courage to speak up in Tzviel's defence. This is the best news. I am glad you stood your ground .

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