Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Face of Reactions

This is the face of a baby who can't stop smiling and even let out a laugh, while feverish from her vaccinations.

How's that for "quality of life", Dr. Big Nose!

Today, we went to see her pediatrician about switching her from Zantac to Lansac (known as Prevacid in the US) for her reflux. She has been on Zantac for 8 days with absolutely no change. 


  1. Thank you little angel. You are an inspiration for many of us.

    I will learn from you little one, to smile even when I do not feel like.

    Bless you sweet baby.

  2. This is one scrumbly delicious baby! Much nachat!

  3. what an amazingly beautiful baby!! ADORABLE omg!

  4. What a beautiful child. She is already teaching us and I am sure Hashem has wonderful plans for her. May He watch over all of you.
    Victoria Loeschke, Md. USA