Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Onward and Onward

Today, we had an echo cardiogram and an appointment with Dr. Golander. When he saw her, her saturation was at 73 and he said she was a little bluish.  Ready for this? The reason is because her heart is working well.  Basically, she was put back on the Fusid, when her O2 levels were going too high. The Fusid causes more urine output which indirectly causes better circulation and was supposed to lower her O2 levels to 75-85, which is good for her.  Now that, apparently, her heart is functioning better, the Fusid is causing it to dip even lower.  So, off of the Fusid.

Last checkup, Dr. Erez had said that the plan was to have the Glenn surgery January/February time.  Now that her heart is functioning well, Dr. Golander has made a different plan. He wants us to come back for another echo in a month and a month after that to do a heart catheter. Shortly after that, she will have the Glenn surgery. He explained that now that things are going smoother, we don't NEED to do the surgery as early as possible, but rather we can do it when it is the best situation for her.  He believes that it will have a better success rate if we wait. He wants her to be 5 kg for the surgery. We are now at 3.810 kg, so it's not a far way off.

Of course, we are happy with the outcome.  A little part of me is disappointed that we won't be moving to the next surgery sooner.  I thought that next month we would be done with interstage, and all its chaos and stress.  I know that this is the best thing for her and obviously we want the best possible scenario.

So, for the next two months, we need more fat thoughts and prayers.  And of course, prayers for continued health and stability.

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