Sunday, December 1, 2013

Invasion of the Clowns

Tonight, my family had the most fun that we've had in a long time. Interstage has been quite lonely. I wrote about all the precautions we have to take to limit Tehilla's exposure to germs. This means that no one other than family comes into our home. We are limited on what we can do, even with our other kids. This Chanukah vacation, we are pretty stuck at home. But tonight, my kids had an extraordinary amount of fun. 

About a week and a half ago, I received one of the quirkiest emails. It was from a guy who runs an organization of medical clowns, Lev Leytzan. He reads this blog and wanted to know if the clowns could pay our family a visit. Every year the volunteer clowns fly to Israel and visit hospitals and homes, to bring joy to sick children and their families. They team up with the Ossie Schonfeld Memorial Toy Fund, and deliver toys to the sick children and theirs siblings. 

Well, tonight there was a knock on the door. We opened it to find a clown. Then clowns just kept piling in. And then volunteers from the toy drive. I think our home was filled with about 30 people. The clowns played with all three of the kids. Laughter and shrieking could be heard, while foam clown noses were flying about for the next 40 minutes. They gave all 3 kids a present and then just as quickly as they came, they left.

We all sat down and looked at each other and just laughed. Thank you, Neal, and your incredible group of clowns! We really appreciated it!

When I get better pictures of the evening, I will upload them. For now:

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