Monday, December 2, 2013

Immunization Catch-Up

Today, we had another well-baby appointment. Tehilla went up another 200 grams, putting her at 3.610 kg. She also grew taller, and is 51cm long. 

We have been given the okay to begin her vaccinations and are fast tracking them. It is extremely important to now get her on track for her immunization, as it would be for any baby, but more so for a baby with HLHS. 

So, today, she got the first HBV shot, that usually is given in the hospitals, two days after birth. She also got the first DTaP + IPV + HIB, normally given at two months old. She also got the first Rota virus drops. 

Now, we just need to watch for any reactions and be in touch with our cardio nurse about anything. 


  1. Hi. I just read through your entire blog. I am so touched. This is such a heart-warming story. May Tehilla have a long wonderful life ahead of her.

  2. Hi,vaccinations destroying your daughter.
    My suggestion is to study about it.
    Its up to you.
    But of course we trust Hashem for recovering.
    Big hug from Sweden