Monday, July 21, 2014


Tehilla recovered quickly from her double ear infection. She was prescribed a very strong antibiotic with a high dose. By the second dosage, there was already a huge difference and she went back to sleeping better, by the second night.

Tehilla has started saying "Emma". At first, I thought she was trying to say "Ima" and was extremely excited. But I quickly have learned that "Emma" means more food. Last night, I made a new dinner, which our whole family including Tehilla was ecstatic about. As soon as her high chair was empty from food, she screamed, "Emma! Emma!" I apologized and immediately put more food on her tray. She started laughing and screaming "Yay", then stuffed it in her mouth, and started making "mmm  mmmm mmm" noises, kind of like Cookie Monster does.

She is also very impatiently trying to learn how to crawl forwards. She can go backwards and sideways. Mechal and Tzviel try helping her, by putting cookies just out of reach or giving crawling demonstrations repeatedly. She stays in the crawling position and tries rocking or nodding her head back and forth. After a few minutes, she usually screeches in frustration, and then tries again.

She loves us standing her up and holding her. She bends down, looks at her feet and then laughs. Stands straight up, bends to look at her feet, then laughs and sits down. When she is standing, she also can not figure out how to propel herself forward. So she rocks herself back and forth.


  1. Can I just ask a question/make an observation about her ear infections? My children had frequent ear infections as well. My son was born with a minor heart defect but this had no bearing on the infections aside from being diligent about antibiotics. The ear infections resulted in hearing loss and they had to get ear tubes. Is this something you're keeping a watch on?

    1. Hi Linda,

      I appreciate your concern. Please see the previous post about Tehilla's double ear infection.


  2. what a great update! we have her in our prayers.