Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mechal and Tzviel

Tomorrow is Tehilla's cardiologist appointment. Fingers crossed and prayers in our hearts, we're hoping for some news. I will update the blog as soon as possible.

I was asked to write something about our two older kids, Mechal and Tzviel. So, here you go:

Mechal will be eight in September. Mechal is a very bright and expressive kid, with an extremely creative side. For her, this journey started when she overheard a conversation between Ron and I, when I was only 8 weeks pregnant.  Ron had asked me to hand him some fish from the freezer and I, instantly gagged, and said, "Ron, I'm pregnant! I can't. Oh, I'm going to be sick." I turned around to make a dash towards the toilet and ran smack into Mechal, with a look of astonishment splashed across her face.

"You are, Ima?!?" And then she gave me a huge hug.

She, now, proudly says, "I always pay attention to when grownups are talking. That's how you find out everything." She's got one foot into preteenhood.

This journey has been challenging for Mechal in many ways. She had to grow up a little quicker, than she would have normally. Early on, she had a very candid talk with me about Tehilla.

Mechal: I know that Tehilla is special and that means you will always give her more attention than me and Tzviel.

Me: You and Tzviel are both extremely special in different ways. So, is Tehilla, and not just because she has a special heart. I need you to understand something very important. Please look at me, when I say this. I love you with my whole heart. I love Tzviel with my whole heart. And I love Tehilla with my whole heart. Every time that I have had a baby, it is like I have grown another heart to love that kid with. Do you understand me? Tehilla has a special heart, but I will give all of you, all of my attention. What I need you to understand is, sometimes there will be emergencies. Sometimes, something may be wrong. If that happens, I will make sure that you and Tzviel are taken care of, but I will give all of my attention to Tehilla.

Mechal: That sounds fair, Ima.

Seven going on 21, that one is. She adores Tehilla and loves to play with her and hold her. This experience has matured her and made her more sensitive. She loves to hear about all of the other heart families that I am in touch with.

Tzviel. People that know Tzviel, will know that I am NOT just being a proud mother, when I describe Tzviel. Tzviel is by far the funniest and sharpest kid, that I know. He says things that crack us up and is very witty for a child that is only four and a half. He...You won't believe me, unless I copy an example of Tzviel-isms.

This was from when Tzviel was 3.5:
Tzviel put a card through the window and asked me to get it out.
Me: I don't think I can get it right now, I'm in middle of something.
Tzviel: I bet a hammer could get it.
Me: What? No. No. No. I'll get it.
Tzviel: Don't worry, I'll get the hammer.
Me: Look, I'm going to get it out. Just give me a minute. Okay, I've got it.
Tzviel: Next time we try a hammer, k?
Me: Next time we never use the hammer, okay?
Tzviel: I bet a hammer can get lots of stuff...

He calls pajamas that he wears on Friday night "Shabbamas." It consists of pajamas with a tie clipped on.

This journey has been hard on him. He had to get used to me being gone for nearly a month, by Tehilla's birth, and my frequent abscences. Sometimes, he would go to sleep, and wake up to find out that I had gone to the ER with Tehilla and was still there. He had to get used to a lot of instability. Thank G-d, things have been fairly smooth sailing since Tehilla's last surgery. This has really helped Tzviel.

He woves (loves) Tehilla so much. Sometimes a bit too much, so we always have a watchful eye on him. He doesn't fully comprehend the entire scope of the situation, he just knows it as the "new normal."

Good night, and may tomorrow only bring happy news for everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for the picture into your two other beautiful children. What a lovely family all of you are. May tomorrow bring happy news for everyone indeed!

  2. Looks like Hashem picked out the best siblings Tehilla could ever have :)