Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Very Possibly Glennable

I will do my best to explain today's appointment. It appears that Tehilla's pulmonary arteries have grown on the upper sides, deep within her lungs. They have stayed the same and are narrow on the lower part. Dr. Golander made us a diagram on the examining table paper and we brought it home, to be able to explain. Here is the picture.

The area that is in the circle, is the area that the surgeon can see, when he opens Tehilla's chest. That is the part that is narrow. If in fact, the images that we saw today on the echo are accurate, then we can go ahead with Tehilla's Glenn surgery, because the surgeon can put a patch on the narrow part of the pulmonary arteries to enlarge them.

Because imaging through an echo is limited, the only way to know for sure, is to do a heart catheter.  So, in a month, we will do a heart catheter and be able to get more accurage images, as well as proper sizing and numbers to know for sure, if she can have the Glenn. If so, they will try to schedule her for the Glenn, as soon as possible.

We are scheduled for the heart catheter on Sunday, August 3rd and will be there for minimally 3 days.

I ask of all of you, to please pray that the heart catheter shows us that Tehilla is Glennable.

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  1. Oy, 9 days? I'm sure it's pekuah nefesh, but still... we'll just daven ever harder <3