Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life as Normal

Tehilla is doing well and still working hard on figuring out how to crawl and walk.

Like every family in Israel, there is a significant amount of stress and anxiety with the war going on. At this point, our hearts and prayers are with the citizens and soldiers of Israel and all of the wounded.

Something interesting to note, for those that wrongfully accuse Israel of being an apartheid state: Tehilla's surgeon, Dr. Erez does about 170 surgeries per year. Of those surgeries, about 100 of them are for children with a CHD from surrounding Arab countries.

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  1. Glad to see that sweetie pie face. Hashem bless her and all of you.
    Yes, Israel is the best country in the world, and Jews do a lot for all peoples when and where ever they can.
    Its un upside down world. Not to worry, Hashem is in Charge. Am Israel and IDF all in my prayers. Love always.