Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Tehilla's personality has really been coming out more and more. Every day, we see a little more sassy and spunk in her behavior. This morning, Tehilla waited to wave "bye-bye" to Ron, Mechal and Tzviel as they left to school. The moment the door closed, she turned and crawled quickly into Mechal's room, and then went straight to Mechal's bean bag chair and lay down on it. I grabbed my phone and got a quick shot of it.

She is also not afraid to give Tzviel or Mechal a smack if they take her toys away.

Tomorrow, we have our appointment with our cardiologist. He will do an echo and let us know the plan that the team of doctors have decided, in terms of waiting for Tehilla's Glenn surgery.

Once again, please pray that this echo shows significant growth in Tehilla's pulmonary arteries and that the pressures in her heart have slowed down, and that she is a suitable candidate for the Glenn.

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