Tuesday, September 30, 2014

True Tehilla Fashion

In true Tehilla fashion, she is sick on the eve of her 1st birthday.

She has had a little cold and been very unhappy the past few days. But today, she spiked a fever of 38.7 C (101.6 F). We gave her Tylenol, but it wouldn't bring her fever down.

We went to go see the on call doctor. He completely examined her and said that her ears, lungs and everything else look completely great. He suspects that she may have Roseola. He told us to give her Optalgin (a fever reducing and pain relieving medication not found in Canada or the US), and wants her to be seen every day or every other day by one of the doctors in the clinic.

She is completely miserable. Let's hope that she sleeps through the night and feels better by tomorrow. One can hope, right?

1 comment:

  1. Ofcourse one can hope and even more - Pray. Nothing is impossible with Hashem, and He the Creator can do all things.
    Will include more prayers for Tehilla, and she will be well with all our combined prayres.
    So many love this little babe who has kept us in smiles with her growing antics, charmed us with her smiles, bli ayin hara - has had us on tenter hooks, and I would also like to thank her Mom, who has shared so much of her little ones day to day activities.
    Has taken time to post so much that her followers wait to hear and of Tehilla's progress.
    Ofcourse! Tehilla will be well. May we hear good news soon. Amen.
    Thank you Shoshana for sharing so much. Hashem bless you all.